Day: May 4, 2022

The Number of Temporary Workers in France in January 2022The Number of Temporary Workers in France in January 2022

temporary workers in france

The number of temporary workers in France has increased by 14.0% in January 2022, according to the national association of employment agencies, Prism’Emploi. This represents the second consecutive month of growth. The association cites the accelerated economic activity, as well as the need to replace employees who leave the workforce due to the omicron variant. Across sectors, temporary employment rose in the commerce and services industry, where it increased by 24.2% and in the industry of transport and construction (down by 0.4%). Find out –

Grew In The Sectors Of Commerce And Services

In an attempt to counteract the rising costs of foreign labour, the French government has taken an unusual approach to setting salary levels for posted workers. It believes that salaries should be set by Brussels, but this is not what French nationalists want. Instead, Macron is arguing that the EU should be the one to decide on salary levels for posted workers. By adopting this position, France is ceding more power to the EU, which is not in the best interests of French workers.

Employees of multinational companies may be granted a “Permit of Assignment” if they meet certain requirements. This type of permit allows high-level employees to live in France and work without restrictions. To be eligible, the applicant must hold an extremely senior position and have a monthly salary of EUR 5500. Another temporary worker visa option is the Seasonal Worker Permit, which allows French companies to hire foreign workers for up to six months in any 12 months. The Scientific Permit, on the other hand, is designed to permit individuals with a Master’s degree to enter France for academic work.