Art Station Review

ART Station is an online platform that connects artists and creative people through art and storytelling. Their mission is to foster the growth of creativity and to inspire the next generation of artists. The company offers several different programs, including a professional theatre series, gallery exhibitions, and fall, winter, and spring classes. They also offer a summer arts camp for youth and teens. In addition, they host several events throughout the year to support their arts programs, including a storytelling festival that attracts over 10,000 people.

Who are ArtStation’s competitors?

Artstation is an excellent resource for art enthusiasts, as it is home to a growing community of creators and a job board. The site has a long-standing relationship with Epic Games, which explains why many of its creators use Epic’s Unreal Engine. The site has a wide variety of art types and has created a large community of 2D and 3D creators across many verticals.

The site also provides users with the ability to follow and subscribe to specific artists. This way, they will get updates of new artworks every day. In addition, they can give an artist a ‘Thumbs Up’, similar to a Facebook like, if they like their work. Unfortunately, users cannot comment or communicate directly with other artists. However, the site offers tools that make sharing your work quick and easy.

The site was also recently acquired by Epic Games, the maker of Unreal Engine. The company is making changes to its platform that will make it a more attractive option for artists. In particular, it has lowered its commission fees. Instead of taking a 30% cut, creators will now pay as little as 12%.

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