Quality Control Inspections – An Overview

Quality Control Inspections – An Overview

NACE inspections inspector nace online offer the ideal solution for controlling quality in the supply chain for the transportation, storage and final distribution of goods. In North America, the demand for such inspection services is at its highest levels ever. The business that offers these services has seen a dramatic increase in business over the last few years due to the increased need for these types of inspections. It is now common practice for large organizations to hire professional inspectors to conduct quality control inspections on their own as well as to continually send their own inspectors out to other businesses to determine their performance. It is not uncommon for manufacturing plants to hire a third party company for periodic quality assurance inspections.


The need for such inspections has led to the emergence of numerous companies that provide a variety of inspectors. These inspectors are often specialized in areas of manufacturing facilities, including gas transmission companies, electrical power transmission companies, chemical manufacturers and even heating and cooling companies. In addition, most inspectors will also perform load conditioners inspections, hot water inspection, fluid leaks inspection, corrosive neutralizer inspection and repair, corrosion and fatigue inspection, odor control, corrosive degradation and emission testing to name just a few. With the expansion of the inspection industry there has also been the emergence of numerous websites on which businesses can post inspection profiles to increase their exposure to potential customers.


For manufacturing facilities, it is important for the manager to ensure that all inspectors thoroughly understand their responsibilities and the process of quality control inspections. It is equally important for the manager to ensure that all inspectors are trained to conduct various aspects of such inspections. Ideally, all inspectors should have undergone training that addresses various aspects of the inspection processes. It is also important for the manager to establish a procedure for making inspections and maintaining effective communication between various departments involved in the various aspects of quality control inspections.

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